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Doelz, Eggenberger, Redaschi, Wadley


Doelz, Eggenberger, Redaschi, Schmitz, Wadley

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Project v4/v5 migration documentation

Doelz, Eggenberger, Redaschi, Wadley

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Doelz, Eggenberger, Redaschi, Wadley

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HASSLE server version 5.01 (gzipped tar)

Doelz, Eggenberger, Redaschi, Schmitz

HASSLE preliminary IPC study (gzipped tar)

Doelz, Eggenberger, Redaschi, Schmitz

HASSLE 5.0 including facust and blaq clients (gzipped tar)

Doelz, Eggenberger,Redaschi

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This section describes of the archive the Hierarchical Access System for Sequence Libraries in Europe , also known as HASSLE . This is the protocol definition for port 375 of the TCP ports.

What IS Hassle?

HASSLE is a networking application that allows to execute remote jobs that have a transfer component built in. HASSLE is flexible as it only transfers the data and the parameters. The execution at the remote site is automatically accomplished via a code generator. This way, erraneous behaviour is under server control. If a server is busy, resulting in errors or does no longer have so-called "credits", it will redirect the customer to another client.


HASSLE was last released in 1996, in its version 5.0. HASSLE was developed in the Biocomputing group of Basel University. The following colleagues were working on HASSLE:

Code status

The mature and (at the time) tested code of the following HASSLE v5 based programs is documented here:
  • HASSLE version 5.0
  • "Facust" - the FASTA customer for HASSLE.
  • "BLAQ" - the BLAST customer for HASSLE.
  • During the development of a networked Sequence Retrieval System (Author: Thure Etzold), a prelimiary synchronous Hassle version was built based on the Hassle 5.01 code and is released here as well.


    The support of the Swiss National Science foundation and the Swiss Office for Education and Research, in addition to the European Union and Basel University, have contributed to the research on this topic.


    The project was closed in 1996. Today's BioComputing facility of the Biozentrum is operating inependently of the 1996 group.

    Purpose of the documents in this section

    The documents and code archives document the functionality of HASSLE and its code. HASSLE is no longer developed. The text of the source code documentation is available as printed booklet (contact verlag@doelz.com for details). No warranty is given for the functioning of the code or its proposed services. Note that the servers that used to offer HASSLE services have ceased to exist.